About Balance

Balance is the premier integrated health and wellness studio in Philadelphia.  Our mission is to bring you the best fitness experience possible. We are proud to help each client achieve success with highly trained professionals, precision testing, expert wellness coaching and personalized nutrition programming all designed with the way you live in mind. At Balance, the most important component of our facility and business are the clients who walk through our doors.  Recognizing the need for a more complete and effective solution, we are focused on being an integrated health and wellness provider with the highest level of service, safety, effectiveness, education, and satisfaction.

A 6,500 sq. ft. studio located in Chestnut Hill area of Philadelphia, Balance is equipped with a main training floor, group fitness class room, indoor cycling class room and stretch lab. By offering a range of specially designed services, our goal is to inspire sustainable change in a setting that is elegant, modern and stylish. The facility has been outfitted by Technogym, a leading source in the fitness industry. The training floor offers custom personal training sessions for one person, semi-private sessions for 2-3 or small group training for 4-6 people. Group Fitness classes for all age levels and interests run daily. You will experience a variety of signature strength and conditioning classes exclusively developed by our professionals.


Our Core Values



Balance is at the core of everything we do. We strive for a balance that acknowledges wellness, fitness, and mindset as all moving parts to a healthy lifestyle. We are committed to creating an exclusive atmosphere where people can learn, practice and adapt a healthy way of living.


At Balance, we believe that having the right mindset is everything. We approach our workouts and goals with a deep understanding that progress is a journey and not a destination. We believe that the key is to set goals that resonate with you on a deeper emotional level.


A strong sense of community is what makes Balance more than your average gym. We’re grateful for every client/neighbor, and are committed to providing excellent service with a "pay it forward" attitude. Balance’s experienced trainers care personally about each/every client.


We believe wellness is a process not an end. We also believe wellness is a whole and fitness is part. We are in the position to foster wellness in our clients. Under our roof, you can find fine wellness practitioners who share our philosophy and approach to a healthy lifestyle.