Goals @ BCH



Goals is a 6 week comprehensive program that helps you to jumpstart your fitness, to reset your nutrition habits and to achieve a 6 week goal. Over the course of the 6 weeks, a small group of committed individuals will train together twice a week, attend unlimited Balance classes, compete in fun weekly challenges, follow a set meal plan and support one another’s successes. We take measurements weeks 1, 3 and 6 to track your progress and design specific training programs to help you reach your goals.


We help clients look at food with new eyes, examining the habit loops we get stuck in and coaching clients to find ways to rewire bad patterns – addressing common issues such as sugar addiction, mindless grazing, portion control and late night snacking. Focusing on creating good nutrition habits is the cornerstone of the Goals Program. We will cover these topics:

  • How to plan out a weekly shopping list

  • How to do meal prep Sundays

  • How to get ahead of your food cravings

  • How to use an app to track your calories and macros

  • How to stay on track while traveling, eating and during the holidays

The formula is simple, tried and tested. Eat five small meals a day, eat well for six days and then on the seventh day eat whatever you want. It is a plan you can sustain for the long run. The meal plans will provide for you will include quality carbs such as fresh fruit and vegetables, quinoa, sweet potatoes and oats. Good fats such as avocado, nuts and Greek yogurt will be included, and proteins such as eggs, fish and organic lean meats will form a part of most meals. A reduction in alcohol and in sugar consumption is also essential for weight loss and improved health.


Whether you’re competitive or not, your Goals group will support and motivate you to do things you wouldn’t do on your own. The spirit of everyone working towards their individual goals will inspire you. The weekly fit bit challenge will get you moving more, the class attendance challenge will motivate you to lace up your sneakers and get to class and finally your measuring sessions will earn you points for your inches and pounds lost. At the end of the 6 weeks there is a grand prize for the person who has accumulated the most points!


Why do people give up on their New Year’s resolutions after January? The answer is that their goals aren’t specific or meaningful enough and they aren’t held accountable to anyone for achieving them! The key is to set goals that resonate with you on a deeper emotional level. “I want to tone up” isn’t specific enough or meaningful enough. There has to be something motivating you on a deeper level like – “to feel more self-confidence, to wear certain clothes without feeling embarrassed, to be a good role model for kids or grandkids.” Your GOALS Coach will tap in this WHY especially when things get challenging.

If you want to achieve real results, meet like-minded people, establish good habits and improve your health and vitality for the long run, come join the Goals program!

Check out our BUZZ page for the dates of upcoming GOALS@BCH programs. If our group GOALS program dates do not work for you we do offer the same service in privately and semi privately (for 2) in a completely customized program. Contact Susan Brown at info@balancech.com for all things GOALS@BCH!


Goals @ BCH Group:

6 week program that has preset training days and times. It is for a maximum of 8 participants per program.

Goals @ BCH Private:

6 week private program designed for an individual. The training schedule is completely customized for that individual.

Goals @ BCH Semi Private:

6 week program designed for a duo or trio who want to do a program together. The training schedule is completely customized for that small group.


Alyson Testimonial.jpg

Here is an inspirational testimonial from Alyson, one of our rockstar "Goalies"!


"I just finished two consecutive GOALS programs at Balance Chestnut Hill (12 weeks -February 28 to May 28).  I started the Goals program because a friend of mine did the program, had amazing results and encouraged me to join with her for another session. I can't express how glad I am that I decided to do it. I know it sounds like an overstatement but it really has changed the way I feel about myself, the way I eat, my overall confidence in my strength, fitness and health.  I am so surprised by my results in the program. I never expected to see such a change in 12 weeks. I have lost 22 pounds, 15 inches, and 9% body fat.

In addition to the weight-loss and muscle strength, I also saw changes I didn't expect. I was using my Fitbit to track my activity, my sleep and my heart rate. My resting heart rate fell from 62 to 49 during the goals program.  I tried to take advantage of everything offered in the program for the 12 weeks.  I took as many classes as I could, walked and ran outside of classes, did a Fitbit workweek hustle challenge with other GOALS participants every week for 12 weeks, did the training with Susan and tried to stick to the nutritional plan as much as I could. 

Sticking to the nutrition plan that Susan provided was also really helpful and important for me. Having a food plan, recipes and snack ideas helped keep me eating regularly and provided more variety that I would normally use if just dieting on my own. I definitely ate differently as a result. For example, Susan encouraged us to increase our protein intake in the second half of the session.  I was skeptical about this because it increased calorie intake but I stuck to the plan and I think that's probably a big part of why I saw the muscle increase and was able to lose the body fat that I did. Cutting out the caffeine and alcohol and other sugars also really has left me feeling more even throughout the day with fewer food cravings and hunger swings. I definitely have more energy in general. 

In the first session, I wasn’t clear on what my goals should be other than to lose weight and start exercising again.  Susan helped define realistic goals that focus less on the scale number and more on fitness and strength.  In the second session, I was able to clearly define my goals in terms of increasing muscle and reducing % body fat (not necessarily pounds on the scale).  At the start of the second session, I was able to do the INBODY body composition analysis that Scott and Katey Dyck offer now at Balance. That was really useful because the results are not as visible or as extreme as the first six weeks. In the second six weeks, the Inbody analysis showed me how much muscle I had actually added by doing the strength training in the classes and with Susan. It was also able to show me body fat analysis more accurately. 

Susan Brown is an amazing trainer and motivator and I can't imagine anyone else would've been able to get me to do what she did. Susan combines a nutritional plan with physical training and challenging workouts all within a supportive group environment. I knew I wanted accountability and that it would help me achieve my goals but I never imagined that it would be such a supportive group and that it would be so important to me reaching my goals. Seeing how hard the other people in the group are working, sharing all of our hard work and our frustrations, and then also seeing everyone's successes was really motivating. Working out with the group was also really important for me because it made it more fun even though it was still really challenging and hard work. You could clearly see the impact of the program on every single person. In addition to the GOALS group of people being supportive, all the trainers and teachers at Balance were incredibly supportive and motivating in class and outside of class. You really had a feeling of being a part of a supportive community."