BioFit Philly uses cutting-edge technology for precise biometric and fitness testing. Test results will support the uniquely personal pursuits of strength, wellness & performance. We appeal to currently inactive individuals seeking to lose weight and pursue active and healthy lifestyles as well as athletes seeking to maximize the effectiveness of their workouts. Our technology provides data previously unavailable outside of medical and university settings. BioFit Philly takes the guess-work out of personal fitness.


OnPointe Physical Therapy provides evidenced-based assessment and therapeutic one-on-one care to a diverse clientele including recreational athletes, professional and college athletes, and pre-professional and professional dancers, to determine individual strength and flexibility areas of concern, and customize pre-habilitative and rehabilitative programs that maximize optimal health and fitness potential. OnPointe Physical Therapy utilizes comprehensive orthopedic examination, manual therapy techniques including joint mobilization and Graston Technique instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, Pilates-based core stabilization mat and reformer therapeutic exercise, and cold compression recovery therapy to prevent injury and improve physical performance.


Even with the best coaches, we can push our bodies too far and end up missing workouts due to injury. At Philadelphia Sports Acupuncture, we focus on helping you stay healthy or if you are injured, get you back in the game. The practitioners at Philadelphia Sports Acupuncture are athletes themselves. Chad and Alex both competed in college level sports, so they understand the challenges of training and what it feels like to miss workouts due to injuries. The goal is to get you out of our office and back to training as soon as possible. Chad is an acupuncturist and massage therapist. Alex is an acupuncturist and yoga teacher.