Good people + incredible destinations + challenging fitness experience = Life-changing trips.


Who you travel with matters. Each adventure is filled people who are riding the same health and fitness wave when it comes to taking in the whole experience.

The World is our Gym-and we are excited to partner with leading health and wellness experts to bring you an exclusive series of wellness retreats on 2017 and 2018.

Whether you are looking for a new exciting goal or just trying to maintain your healthy lifestyle, each experience is sure to be a game changer. The Balance approach is unique, with each experience having a conditioning preparation phase leading to the date of the retreat. This allows the team to bond over health and fitness related activities and create bonds that will last a life time. Each program is designed by health and fitness professionals that will have you in the best physical and mental shape going in to your adventure! Each retreat is unique, featuring different types of fitness and health guided activities from a lineup of experts who will coach you through the entire process. There is nothing quite like training for an adventure with the most amazing group of like minded peeps- sparking an endorphin high and feeling amped to navigate the adventure that awaits.


Race Date 10.15.17 - Maine
This is a family based trip. Adults will relay for a marathon in three leg sections (8+miles per leg) while kids race to the finish in a fun run! Visit www.runmdi.org for race details. Maine will have a prerequisite 6 week training program: August 28 to October 12.
Race Date 11.5.17 - Malibu: East Meets West
Malibu half marathon followed by a weekend of "Balance" with 5 Point Yoga and Balance Owners, Amy & Jesse leading you through yoga, fitness, meditation, trail running and more! www.malibumarathon.com. Malibu will have a prerequisite 6 week training program: September 18 to November 1.
June 2018 Date TBA - Switzerland
Hike Bike Challenge through the beautiful countryside of Switzerland and Germany! Switzerland will have a 16 week prerequisite training program: dates TBD, likely starting early February.
*If you choose to do more than one trip, clearly training programs will overlap and we will adjust accordingly.