Balance offers a comprehensive variety of group fitness classes 7 days a week for all ages, skill, and fitness levels. Classes rotate throughout the week and change monthly to incorporate the latest fitness technologies. No other studio in the area incorporates Technogym equipment and technology, making our classes like no other.

Our group fitness classes are the perfect size to get in a great workout, build on a relationship with the instructor and meet amazing new motivating people. At Balance, you’ll never be sweating alongside 30 others in crowded space, which means that during class, one of the certified Balance trainers can carefully correct your form and offer personal encouragement. You will really appreciate the “shout outs” we throw your way during the most grueling part of the session.

Most of the classes listed below appear most current group fitness schedule but changes are made from time to time. The current schedule can always be viewed in our MINDBODY Online reservation system. We invite new clients to enjoy their first class free and we offer a wide variety of flexible pricing options.

Our signature group fitness classes currently consist of:


30 minute class which focuses on cardiovascular and body weight exercises designed to improve overall cardio fitness.

BALANCE CYCLING (Endurance & Zone)
30, 45 or 60 minute Indoor Cycling workout on Keiser cycles. Classes are technique based and/or real terrain based and the focus is on cadence and heart rate zones. Each instructor designs their class with climbs & sprints that will make your workout challenging and unpredictable, guaranteed to be a calorie burner. Bring your own cycling shoes with Shimano clips or wear sneakers.

60 minute mix of classic boxing circuit training, plyometrics, calisthenics, and core exercises to tone your entire body from head to toe. This class teaches valuable self-defense while also advancing muscular endurance, agility, balance, and coordination.

Get your heart pumping and muscles toned in this 45 minute heated mat-based class. Balance Burn and Sculpt blends body sculpting moves, Pilates principles and short cardio intervals to help you tone and tighten your trouble areas and improve your stamina and endurance. Fun music and fresh routines each week will make 45 minutes fly by!


45 minute circuit style cardio and strength class. Like our signature B-strong class this class utilizes all of the equipment in the studio as well as incorporating cardio intervals.

45 minute circuit style cardio and strength class. Like our signature B-strong class this class utilizes all of the equipment in the studio as well as incorporating cardio intervals. The mobility in between B Fit sets will tune the body to power further! Reset properly with guided mobility and flexibility training for a restored range of motion, enhanced flexibility, and reduced stress.

A 45 minute cardiovascular strength training class designed to make you lean and defined providing a results-oriented whole body workout. Build and sculpt muscles, strengthen your core, improve your strength and flexibility while burning fat and calories by using dumbbells, bands, functional workout units, the newest Technogym Skillmill, your own bodyweight and more.

60 minute class that begins with 45 minutes of cycling followed by 15 minutes of exercise focused on arms and abs.

Sports Barre is a 45-minute non-stop endorphin surge- a refreshing movement experience. This cardio-strength-barre trilogy, combines toning, aerobic, and anaerobic training all set to fresh, heart-pumping music. You will quickly reach and surpass your physical and mental limits to reveal a new endorphin-firing, empowered body. The fiery intensity and cathartic release of Sports Barre will be followed by 15 minutes of meditation. Sealing your practice with this extended offering will balance you and drop you deep into rest and repose. You will leave with all the tools needed to move forward with clarity, intention and a strong sense of self.


30 minute body weight resistance strength training circuit that utilizes TRX, free weights, kettle bells, med balls, bands, bosus and plyometric boxes.

Balance’s unique Barre fusion class… This 60 minute full body sculpt class designed to specifically work the deep musculature of the body. These muscles stabilize and lengthen the body creating excellent posture and a long, lean functional frame. Extra emphasis is placed on proper alignment of the spine, engagement of the core and most importantly, posture, as muscle specific exercises are executed with light hand weights, weighted body bars, the mounted ballet barre, small fitness balls, elastic tubing, yoga straps and one's own body weight.

Description coming soon.


Our prescription for feeling good! Scott, Balance’s resident FMS (Functional Movement Screen) expert, will lead you through corrective exercises and stretching instruction for 45 minutes. After working hard all week, give your body a break and move through this guided stretching program that will relax & relieve tight muscles.

A 60 minute flowing sequence of slow paced Yoga/Pilates inspired exercises from standing to mat work. Lengthen and strengthen your muscles as well as relax and restore your body from intense training.

Balance Flow class is aimed at bridging the gap between the mind and body through breath-work and meditative movement. The class focuses on postures and sequences that develop flexibility and mobility that will transfer to better performances in your workouts at Balance. The sequences are created to enhance body awareness, enrich kinesthetic development, and cultivate mental equilibrium.