B Fit Mommy & Me is a total fitness program designed for new moms and their babes, aged 4 to 24 months. The 45 minute workout consists of cardio and strength trainmen to improve endurance, flexibility and overall strength.

The classes will take place in our studio and make no mistake, this is Mommy’s workout! Your baby will be safely incorporated into the exercise routine keeping it fun and engaging for all. And when the weather is beautiful, we take our class out to a local playground for some fun fitness.

Let us help you regain pre-pregnancy goals with confidence and meet other local moms going through similar life experiences, all while spending quality time with your baby!

If you have any questions about the B-Fit Mommy and Me program, or you are a new mom who is interested in restarting a fitness routine, contact Marissa Nichols at Balance: Marissa@balancech.com!

Check out our BUZZ page for upcoming B Fit Mommy and Me program dates!