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Balance Winter Workshops: Wellness Author Series


Meet Heath Change Guru, Marissa Costonis, author of Change Bites, a best selling step-by-step guide for how to change your eating habits and health one bite at a time.

What's one thing you want to change about your diet and your health?  Why now?

Knowing WHAT to eat isn’t always the problem, it’s HOW to make the transition and stick with it that's the tricky part. Whether you need to make a change because of a diagnosis, condition, suspected food sensitivity or you simply want to improve your eating habits to prevent illness in the future, it’s all about change.

As a change management professional for over ten years working with clients across the globe, a Certified Health Coach, and survivor of my own health challenges, I can show you how to make fast but sustainable changes to your diet and your health using the secrets from successful businesses adept at change.

We all have our own host of health challenges and the struggle to cook and eat nutritious and non-processed food can be difficult. Change is hard, change is messy, change BITES but now there is an easier way.

Later Event: February 26
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